Huawei Has Introduced Its First Smart TV

Huawei Has Introduced Its First Smart TV

Huawei has revealed its Honor brand’s first smart TV, which is also the first product powered by the Android alternative the corporate launched at its developer conference. Because the controversial producer explained, HarmonyOS is geared toward IoT devices like smart displays and speakers, in addition to wearables and in-car devices. Honor President George Zhao stated the new display, referred to as Honor Vision, is supposed to be used not only as a TV but additionally as an information center and a control panel of types for your connected units.

Huawei has been developing its personal operating system for a while now in case time comes that it can’t use Android anymore. In any case, other tech giants cut ties with the producer recently as a result of trade restrictions the United States government imposed upon it.

Honor’s new show is equipped with SoCs and chipsets from Huawei’s semiconductor firm HiSilicon. Owners will be capable of using their phones or tablets to search for programs to watch. They will additionally sync what they’re typing out on their phones, and so they can project files on the display. The dearer Pro model has a 1080p pop-up camera for video calls with AI capabilities, together with facial recognition, body monitoring, and posture detection, as well.

Honor Vision will likely be available in two versions, both of which are 55-inch display with 4K HDR functionality. The Pro version has 64GB storage, and the standard one has 32GB of storage and will cost $680, $142 dearer than its basic model. Pre-orders is rolling out in China, and a wide launch is expected on August 15th.

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