Huawei Will Announce New Version of Its Customized Android Interface

Huawei Will Announce New Version of Its Customized Android Interface

Huawei is about to unveil the brand new version of its customized Android interface, EMUI 10, on Aug 9th at its annual developer conference in China.

EMUI is the software that runs on all leading Huawei smartphones: the most recent P30 Pro with its impressive camera relies on EMUI 9.1, and lots of other Huawei phones are based on EMUI 9.x. Rumors so far recommend that we could see a substantial bounce in terms of visual style and performance with EMUI 10.

It is worth remembering that while EMUI 10 will be introduced on August 9th, we only anticipate seeing it running on a real gadget later on, in October with the launch of the upcoming rumored Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

Earlier Huawei models should start receiving the EMUI 10 update not long after that October time-frame.

Going back in latest history, Huawei fell prey to the US-China trade war a few months ago when it was added to the so-called Entity List. The reasoning supplied then by the US Government was that the corporate posed a possible security risk. Its presence on that list meant that US corporations such as Google that makes Android and even ARM that makes the underlying technology for many mobile chips could be forbidden from selling to Huawei. Just a couple of weeks ago, US President Donald Trump introduced that it is reversing its position on Huawei and that it’ll not be sanctioned after all.

Still, to this day, we’re not entirely sure about Huawei’s standing. It appears that the corporate is safe. However, rumors additionally point out that it plans to unveil its own operating system, Hong Meng OS to the world alongside the brand new version of EMUI. Hong Meng OS doesn’t depend on Android and might be the corporate’s plan B in case it’s banned from doing business with US firms.

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