Facebook Is Working On Device Which Utilizes Brain to Interact with Others

Facebook Is Working On Device Which Utilizes Brain to Interact with Others

Facebook envisions a future in which folks will be able to type out words and send messages utilizing only their brains.

The concept might seem like the stuff of science fiction. However, the social media giant mentioned Tuesday that it is shifting closer to making the moonshot project a reality due to new research. That might assist Facebook to construct wearables corresponding to augmented reality glasses, letting folks interact with people in real life without having to pick up a smartphone.

“The promise of AR lies in its ability to seamlessly connect folks to the world that surrounds them — and to each other. Fairly than looking down at a phone screen or breaking out a laptop, we can maintain eye contact and retrieve useful info and context without ever lacking a beat,” Facebook stated in a blog post.

The social network first introduced that its research lab, constructing 8, was working on a computer-brain interface in 2017, during the social community’s F8 developer conference. Regina Dugan, who was main the effort, however, left the corporate after more than a year, stated throughout a speech that Facebook wanted to create a silent speech system that may type 100 words in a minute straight from your brain. That’d be five times faster than an individual could type from a phone.

Researchers, together with at Stanford University, have already discovered a way to do this with patients who are paralyzed. However, it requires surgery in which electrodes are implanted into the brain. Facebook, although, hopes to build a wearable that isn’t invasive.

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