Frontier Communication Is Sued by at Least 150 Disgruntled Internet Clients

Frontier Communication Is Sued by at Least 150 Disgruntled Internet Clients

In Western Virginia, Frontier Communications has been routinely in trouble for its internet service and its landline phone service, with dozens of formal complaints being lodged against the corporate just in recent weeks.

The corporate is being sued by at least 150 disgruntled internet clients, it has been ordered to conduct an audit of its operations by the West Virginia Public Service Commission, and the corporate has been on the radar of both state and federal officials over alleged poor service. Many actions date back a number of years.

Fowler was so upset by his internet service from Frontier Communications at his Huntington home that he recently filed a formal complaint with the Federal Communications Commission.

“I would like the FCC to hold Frontier Communications accountable for both its poor DSL [internet] service and its nonexistent buyer communication when there’s a problem,” he mentioned.

Fowler stated his internet service turned very slow around June 20 and it took over a month to get some service restored.

“The internet is mostly working, however occasionally quits for a couple of minutes, freezing web pages or no matter I’m working on,” he mentioned. “That is beyond pathetic.”

Fowler was one among more than 200 individuals throughout the state who emailed, messaged or commented about Frontier companies after The Herald-Dispatch sought suggestions from Fb customers regarding Frontier. Many mentioned they’ve been without internet or phone landline service for days, weeks, and even months in some circumstances. Many stated they’d reported the issues to Frontier, however, have obtained no resolutions to issues ranging from daily service outages to poor customer service and more.

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