Xiaomi Introduced an AI Assistant Phone

Xiaomi Introduced an AI Assistant Phone

Recently, Xiaomi’s eco chain enterprise introduced a brand new crowdfunding project for the Qin Multi Parent AI Assistant Phone (aka Qin AI Life). We prefer to say AI is everywhere and it has been penetrated in every aspect of our lives. However, we also think smarter gadgets become the harder it becomes for our parents to use them. This gadget is going to serve them in all aspects; AI and smart devices have reached.

The Qin AI Life includes a 5.05-inch full-screen. The latter has a display ratio of 22.5:9. Thus, it is way longer than regular phones. The thickness is 8.6mm, and it weighs 105g. The body is made of polycarbonate materials. On the back, it has a 5-megapixel camera. However, there isn’t a camera lens on the front. All buttons are positioned on the right side. Along with the power button and the amount rocker, there’s an AI independent wake-up button. On the bottom side, we can discover a Type-C interface, which is ideal for charging the 2100mAh battery.

Additionally, the Qin AI Life supports infrared remote control perform. With its help, our parents can manage home appliances from more than 12 categories and greater than 100 brands. Among them, we can mention air conditioners, TV boxes, TVs, and so on.

Our protagonist offers two modes. You may switch between them with a single click. The ‘Pupil Edition’ incorporates rich audio content sources, that are created by Xinhua Dictionary, Himalayan, Douban Reading, NetEase, and Baiyu. It has a simple interface, interesting learning instruments, and very helpful content for kids. In parental management mode, you can view smartphone utilization time, talk time, real-time positioning, and other information.

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