Surprising Leaks of Apple iPhone 11

Surprising Leaks of Apple iPhone 11

Apple’s heavily leaked iPhone 11 seems to be set to underwhelm customers, especially given what we already know about the firm’s radical 2020 upgrades. However, if you must upgrade in 2019, breaking news has delivered your silver-lining.

In a significant new report, 9to5Mac’s supremely reliable Apple insider Guilherme Rambo has just confirmed all three of Apple’s new 2019 iPhones and their standout features. However, it’s not all good news.

Quoting “individuals who’ve seen the gadgets,” Rambo’s reveals the model numbers that can replace the iPhone XS (D42, reference iPhone12,3 in iOS code), iPhone XS Max (D43, iPhone12,5) and iPhone XR (N104, iPhone12,1). Industrial names for the so-called iPhone 11 family remain unknown. However, all three models will have the identical screen resolutions are their predecessors with the D42 and D43 retaining OLED panels and the N104 again limited to LCD.

More positively, Rambo has additionally recognized the hardware inside the new iPhones. He reveals the much-vaunted A13 chipset is codenamed ‘Cebu’ within Apple, and it carries the model number T8030. The A13 will do some main heavy lifting too, powering new camera technology known as ‘Smart-Frame.’ This records outside the cameras’ standard framing so misaligned photographs might be saved through re-cropping afterward. Every picture will include this further info with Apple discarding it automatically if edits are not made after a specific time.

As for the new triple camera design on the back on the D42 and D43, Rambo says the third lens is indeed a large-angle camera which can be an iPhone first. But unfortunately, the ugly new design is final as well.

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