Prevention from Flesh-Eating Bacteria

Prevention from Flesh-Eating Bacteria

While rare, some individuals are more susceptible than others to getting necrotizing fasciitis, according to Rasnake. People with other diseases and health issues that may lower the body’s means to fight infections like diabetes, kidney disease, scarring of the liver and cancer, usually tend to contract it.

“I do not think individuals need to be afraid of the lakes or rivers or oceans, as long as they’re otherwise healthy and haven’t got open wounds, I do not think there’s any particular danger to most individuals,” Rasnake mentioned.

If someone has an open wound, she or he should avoid going within the water, however, if you happen to scratch your leg on a broken shell while within the water, for instance, search for specific symptoms to know if you probably have contracted bacteria.

Early symptoms, according to the CDC, are red or swollen areas on the skin that spread, fever, and severe pain that is not merely within the area of the wound. If these symptoms are current, it’s suggested to go to the hospital.

Other signs include ulcers, blisters or black spots, pus or oozing from the wound, dizziness, fatigue and diarrhea or nausea.

Within the worst-case scenarios, Rasnake mentioned patients could lose entire limbs or die if the bacteria are not caught early sufficient. If identified first, sufferers can receive antibiotics, though it might nonetheless be difficult to treat.

The Tennessee Department of Atmosphere and Conservation displays bacteria ranges in lots of places throughout Tennessee and makes use of E. coli as an indicator for the presence of bacteria, following the federal Environmental Protection Company’s guidelines for which contaminants are monitored routinely.

Deputy Communications Director of TDEC Kim Schofiniski stated the public should follow all posted bacteriological and fish consumption advisories to avoid contracting any bacteria.

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