Issues Raising with Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

Issues Raising with Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

Issues were raised about Modern Warfare not having a mini-map in Multiplayer back in June when YouTuber LongSensation claimed the game could be “more tactical” and do away with the on-screen help.

Since then, followers and professional players have been scrambling to uncover any official word. The closest anyone has gotten, so far, was the recent Gunfight showcase which didn’t feature a mini-map. But, it seems because it won’t be all bad news for gamers with Modern Warfare.

On July 21, YouTuber TheGamingRevolution – who has leaked details about game’s online portion together with the apparent killstreaks, all-new multiplayer perks, and an alleged battle royale mode, weighed in on the issues about having no mini-map.

“Large change to the “no mini-map” in Modern Warfare,” he started his Tweet. “There’s no mini-map earlier than you get a UAV however your “shots still appear” but how? I’ll let you figure that one out,” he concluded, attaching a thinking face emoji.

After all, he couldn’t stay cryptic for too long as followers flooded his mentions with questions about what he appears to know. TheGamingRevolution gave in and dropped more information with a handful of follow-up tweets.

Firstly, he added: “There’s a long compass on high of your map, and it tells you the route of a bullet firing. People worrying about no mini-map, relax.”

He adopted up with more perception too: “It goes throughout the top of your screen and is all the time there, even when you get a mini-map, it’s identical to in MWR where it advised you the objective on the rectangular compass,” stated the YouTuber in his continued description.

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