Nokia Is Coming Up with Android Powered Feature Phone

Nokia Is Coming Up with Android Powered Feature Phone

For the previous few months, we’ve been monitoring developments in Chrome that time to Android turning into a competitor to KaiOS by entering the feature phone market. Today, the first purported picture of an Android feature phone has come to light, with Nokia stylings.

So far, everything we’ve learned concerning the chance of Android coming to feature phones has come from tidbits within public Chrome code. From the code, we know that Android feature phones will be distinctly different from Android Go, as the feature phones won’t have a touchscreen. Instead, the phones will be navigated using a standard d-pad, shoulder buttons, and the number keys.

Google has stored relatively mum about how the Android side of things would work, leaving us to only speculate on what adjustments can be necessary to make a touchless version of Android. The only real detail about Android for feature phones we’ve learned is that the standard Android app switcher won’t be available unless a device has a hardware button for it.

Today, an anonymous tipster has provided us what they claim is a picture of an Android feature phone in growth. While there’s no conclusive branding on the device, the source claims the phone is from Nokia, and this is backed up by the distinctive icon used for the “phone” button on the left side. We’ve additionally included a suspiciously similar Nokia phone for visual comparison, below. The lack of visible branding is likely because of what appears to be a rubber case surrounding the device’s exterior.

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