Dummy Handset of iPhone 11 Is Leaked

Dummy Handset of iPhone 11 Is Leaked

Tech YouTuber Brownlee has managed once again to get his hands on some dummy handsets, the one’s phone case producers use to ensure their products will fit upcoming phones. This time is especially exciting, as they’re the three flavors of the next iPhone 11.

However, there’s some unhealthy news. He is calling them a “pretty underwhelming update.”

The usual 11, 11R and 11 Max (although none of those names are confirmed) all appear in Brownlee’s video, and sure sufficient, the most noticeable change between these models and the iPhone X and XS is the camera patch within the top left corner of the phone’s rear side. This comprises three lenses and a flash on the 11 and 11 Max, and two and a flash on the 11R.

It’s still uncertain whether or not the rounded square shape shall be left black (just like the oval on the iPhone X) or will probably be colored the same as the rest of the phone’s body, however the renders made by idea designer Ben Geskin that Brownlee shows off in his video don’t look that good both approach.

Apart from this controversial design change, Brownlee says after inspecting the phones he can’t discover some other significant alterations from the iPhone X. It still makes use of Lightning instead of USB-C, the displays are still 5.8-inches on the usual and 6.5-inches on the Max model, and the front camera notch is just about identical too.

It’s hoped that the internal elements will likely be improved, and that iOS 13 will assist make the phone feel fresh. However, Brownlee concludes that the iPhone 11 seems to be an underwhelming new phone, an opinion shared by many others right now.

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