Twitter Launched Its All New Design Update

Twitter Launched Its All-New Design Update

Well, people, they managed to pull it off. Twitter has somehow made itself worse than it already was.

The corporate on Monday introduced the rollout of its new desktop design, touting it as “a refreshed and updated website that’s faster, simpler to navigate and more personalized.” If I may, it looks like scrambled shit. It additionally serves up a bunch of unneeded modifications over fixing a few of its more significant issues.

The brand new structure emphasizes trending hashtags and search, bookmarks, and lists, and an admittedly sleeker design. Mike Kruzeniski, senior director of product design at Twitter, informed Wired that the corporate is “looking for the precise places to be bold again. However, it’s a resetting of that foundation. Starting with the most efficient staff and building from there.”

Twitter has always struggled to make its conversation model work, an arguably futile endeavor given its format. However, its new desktop design is even trickier to learn than it already was, considerably impressively. (After all, none of us needs to be reading Twitter anyhow. Maybe this was a gift?)

There are some neat features to make sure. For one, the new Twitter for desktop launched a darker dark mode and other choices for customization. It additionally created a function to more toggle between several Twitter accounts directly from the navigation bar. Both are fine perks. They’re not going to repair the site, though.

And listen, change doesn’t ever come easy for social media websites unveiling massive overhauls. However other than my own opinion that the new design makes the feed harder to read, Twitter customers also have some complaints—namely, that a long-requested edit button has yet to materialize. Additionally, the Nazis.

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