Problems Faced by Surface 2 Model of Microsoft

Problems Faced by Surface Book 2 Model of Microsoft

Following reports that the May update to Windows 10 was inflicting a lot of issues with the second Surface Book, Microsoft has confirmed that it will be blocking the update to Surface Book 2 models that include the Nvidia dGPU.

Virtually, a lot of apps and games had been crashing due to an incompatibility with the graphics card and the discrete GPU going AWOL from the device manager. Details on the temporary hold may be discovered on Microsoft’s Windows 10 support page.

For individuals who have already installed the update Microsoft is recommending a full restart on the device or scanning for hardware changes within the Devices Manager to mitigate the difficulty. Work is progressing on a fix (and other issues in Windows 10 v1903 have been addressed in short order) however there are no indications yet on a timescale.

To must pause the rollout on one of the recognizable Surface machines is somewhat of an embarrassment for Microsoft. If there’s one portfolio of devices that you’d expect the development team to have access to, it’s the Surface range of computers. If there’s one portfolio you’d anticipate being a part of any internal ‘test out the unreleased builds in a hostile environment’ it would be the Surface range of computers.

Windows 10 has to accommodate a huge variety of hardware combinations (far more than macOS), so issues will occur, however, the key is how they’re handled, the way to open Microsoft is over the problems and the speed of the fixes. This particular issues with Surface Book 2 will probably be observed.

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