Lock the Heat with The Help of Quantum Mechanics

Lock the Heat with The Help of Quantum Mechanics

Brand new research conducted by researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) has revealed a way of utilizing a quantum mechanical wave theories to “lock” heat into a fixed place.

Ordinarily, a source of heat diffuses via conductive materials until it dissipates, however Associate Professor Cheng-Wei Qiu from the Department of Electrical and Laptop Engineering on the NUS College of Engineering and his team used the principle of anti-parity-time (APT) symmetry to show that it’s possible to restrict the heat to a small area of a metal ring without it spreading over time.

In the future, this newly demonstrated phenomenon might be used to manage heat diffusion in sophisticated methods and optimize efficacy in systems that need cooling. The results of the research were printed on 12 April 2019 in the journal.

“Imagine a droplet of ink in a flowing stream. After a short amount of time, you’d see the ink spread and flow within the route of the current. Now imagine if that ink droplet stayed the identical dimension and in the same position because the water flowed around it. Effectively that’s what we have achieved with the spread of heat in our experiment,” defined Assoc Prof Qiu.

Subsequent, the group is seeking to enhance the size of their experiment. “At the moment our setup is within the range of centimeters, so we need to scale it as much as the scale of real motors or gearing systems. Gearing systems typically have similar counter-rotating mechanisms which can generate heat, so we wish to apply theory to dissipate this heat more effectively,” Assoc Prof Qiu mentioned.

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