This Is How Vaping Affects Your Body

This Is How Vaping Affects Your Body

Many people determine vaping spares their well-being because it lets them inhale nicotine in aerosols instead of sucking in smoke from cigarettes.

New analysis from the University of Kansas casts doubt on that, elevating the specter that vaping nicotine could trigger among the same respiratory problems that plague and even kill smokers today.

“Vaping is just thought of not harmful, though there are no data to support that statement,” researcher Matthias Salathe stated. “There are increasingly more data to oppose that statement.”

Matthias Salathe chairs the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Kansas School of Medicine, where his lab makes use of a robot that vapes to check the impact on human cells obtained from deceased lung donors.

The team’s newest analysis, revealed last month by the American Journal of Respiratory and Vital Care Medicine, found vaping nicotine damaged the natural skill of those cells to clear out mucus.

That dysfunction results in persistent bronchitis — and the coughing, shortness of breath and fatigue that include it. Scientists such as Salathe worry that means the vaping trend sweeping the U.S. could ultimately translate into extra folks developing the chronic obstructive pulmonary illness.

Commonly caused by smoking, COPD is already a leading reason for death in the US.

The KU researchers discovered that the aerosols from nicotine e-cigarettes damage mucus-clearing abilities in sheep, too.

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