OnePlus Launcher Update Is Rolling Out today

OnePlus Launcher Update Is Rolling Out today

In its most recent update, OnePlus has enhanced on its Launcher with a helpful new feature. The “Hidden Space” option OnePlus has supplied for some time on its Launcher now supports your password or fingerprint, and it’s now more accessible to entry as well.

OnePlus Launcher picked up an update over the July 4th which provided two new options to the app’s “Hidden Area” feature. For those not aware, “Hidden Space” came back in 2018 as a form of “second” app drawer which housed a few of apps that customers didn’t need those are borrowing their smartphone to see.

With this recent update, OnePlus has made it easier to enter the space by swiping to it from any portion of the app gallery. Alongside that change, OnePlus has additionally made it possible to set a password to make this space hidden.

Once enabled, this makes use of your device PIN or your fingerprint to lock down the area from those borrowing your device, as long as they don’t have your information.

We note that this alteration was already in place on some OnePlus devices. However, this latest update brings it to all devices together with the OnePlus 7 Pro.

Head over to Google Play to ensure you are running the latest version.

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