HPV Vaccine Can Protect You from Thousands Of Cancers

HPV Vaccine Can Protect You from Thousands Of Cancers

The boys can be eligible from the start of the new faculty year, 11 years after women have been first vaccinated.

The jab protects against human papillomavirus, which causes many throat cancer, and anal cancers.

Jamie Rae said he went “to hell and back” throughout his treatment for throat cancer caused by the virus.

“All of the things you enjoy are gone. I couldn’t speak or eat for months afterward, and I was just skeletal by the end of it,” he says.

‘I was left with no saliva to eat.’

Jamie Rae, from Falkirk, had never heard of HPV when he discovered a small, lump growing in his bottom of his neck.

After being diagnosed with oropharyngeal-cancer in 2010, he had a tonsillectomy and then 6 weeks of chemotherapy and 6 of radiotherapy.

He needed therapy to regain his muscles so that he may speak once more – and he was left with a very little saliva, making eating and even consuming water a real difficulty.

All that took its toll, Jamie said.

“I became very depressed, and it was 2 years earlier than I began to feel normal again.”

At that time, he set up a foundation to boost awareness of the virus that had caused him a lot of pain.

Boys aged 12 and 13 will be provided the vaccine in secondary schools from the beginning of the next school term.

As a result of health policy is devolved within the UK, timings, and arrangements will differ slightly throughout the different nations.

Ladies aged 12 to 13 have been offered the HPV vaccine since 2008 in the UK.

Two doses are wanted to be fully protected. Protection lasts for at least 10 years, although probably much longer.

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