At The Current Situation, Space Is Discovered by Robots Not by Humans

At The Current Situation, Space Is Discovered by Robots Not by Humans

When Armstrong set foot on the moon 50 years ago, it was an inspiring moment for folks all over the world.

However, another sort of explorer is responsible for a lot of the modern enthusiasm for space exploration.

“Since the days of Apollo, the best adventures in space have been these robots which have gone all around the solar system,” says Emily Lakdawalla, a self-described planetary evangelist at the Planetary Society.

Astronauts do still discover space. The International Space Station (ISS) is a vital piece of hardware. individuals have been living on it for almost 20 years. However as superb as the area station is, excitement about its relatively muted.

Lakdawalla said it would be inspiring to see a human land on Mars; however, within the meantime, inspiration is coming from NASA’s rovers.

“It is effortless to anthropomorphize them and imagine ourselves rolling across the surface of Mars,” she says. “It is not a stretch to imagine ourselves within the place of these robots exploring throughout the solar system.”

Millions of individuals around the world have watched with delight because the six-wheeled rovers have trundled throughout the Martian surface, snapping photos and taking selfies.

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