Tesla Pickup Truck Destroyed the Ford F-150 Market

Tesla Pickup Truck Destroyed the Ford F-150 Market

Tesla is good at creating hype without promoting, and the Tesla Pickup truck is not any exception because it overtakes the Ford F150 as essentially the most talked-about pickup truck within the US.

We’ve been talking about Tesla making a pickup truck for a very long time. However, issues have intensified over the last year.

Tesla’s CEO has sought suggestions for features to add to the Tesla truck under development, and he revealed some planned features, like a choice for 400 to 500 miles of range, Dual Motor all-wheel-drive powertrain with dynamic suspension, in addition to ‘300,000 lbs of towing capability’.

The automaker additionally launched a teaser picture of the Tesla pickup truck, which they plan to unveil later this year entirely.

More recently, Musk even mentioned that the Tesla Pickup truck would price lower than $50,000 and ‘be better than a Ford F150’.

The Ford F150 is at the moment the best-selling pickup truck within the US, and it was additionally probably the most talked-about until now.

Auto Wise seemed into geotagged Twitter data of over 100,000 tweets and found that the Tesla Pickup is now a more popular topic than the F150:

“The Ford F-150 is at the moment the most well-liked truck in every state, however when put up against the upcoming Tesla pickup truck… it’s defeated at a count of 26 states to 24. With a lot of the Tesla support coming from the West Coast and Upper East Coast. The south holds all of the support for the Ford F-150.”

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