HoloLens Is Making Its VR Gadgets Business-Friendly

HoloLens Is Making Its VR Gadgets Business-Friendly

HoloLens as an enterprise-friendly software for training, HTC Vive wants to assist companies to take advantage of virtual reality. The corporate is launching a new unit today, Vive Enterprise Solutions, that’ll be fully targeted on professional needs, be it VR hardware, software program or services. The release of the Vive Pro last year, a headset that managed to fix the entire problems of the original Vive, however at a high $799 price that might only appeal to companies and professionals.

Most recently, the corporate unveiled the Vive Pro Eye, an updated version of the headset with eye-tracking, and the Vive Focus Plus, which added two motion-monitoring controllers to its current standalone headset. Whereas VR gear was likely a tough sell for many firms when the Vive and Rift launched in 2016, the hardware has matured significantly, and developers have additionally had time to explore virtual reality as a medium.

Dan O’Brien, HTC Vive’s general manager of the Americas, and the head of Vive Enterprise Solutions says VR must be treated similar to any new technology headed to companies. That means making sure their software program works appropriately behind firewalls and ensuring they work along with office mainstays, like Microsoft Office and Autodesk. He additionally pointed to HTC and Sprint’s upcoming 5G hotspot as another enterprise-friendly move, since it will make it easy to deploy VR almost anywhere with gigabit speeds. That may sound like marketing fluff. However, for IT departments tasked with delivering VR solutions, it could be a lifesaver.

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