Google Brain Can Provide a Better Way of Learning

Google Brain Can Provide a Better Way of Learning

“GOOGLE brain” implants may mean the end of school – as anyone will be able to learn anything immediately, says an AI professional.

Kairinos, founder and CEO of, stated that know-how might enhance our lives, and ultimately change how we learn.

In an interview, he defined that he has been working on a revolutionary AI to “personalize education” to allow “anybody can learn nearly anything, utilizing AI.”

And he believes that within the subsequent 20 years, our heads will be boosted with special implants, so “you won’t need to memorize something.”.

He instructed that folks won’t have to hassle typing any questions, as any queries will likely be answered instantly from “an AI implant,” which will result at the end of “parrot fashion” learning at schools.

The professional, who has racked up more than 20 years of working with start-ups, adds: “Google can be in your head, and that’s not far-fetched. It’ll be like having an assistant that will almost think like you.”

Kairinos believes that by using such Artificial Intelligence, anyone between the ages of eight and 80 will have the ability to learn “nearly anything” at their own pace.

In line with Fountech’s website: “For someone who doesn’t have an in-depth understanding of technology, AI may look like an alien concept.

“Yet, the basic crux of the time period is straightforward – precisely the flexibility of a pc or machine to think, learn, and imitate intelligent human behavior.

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