Apex Legends ‘Piggy-Backers’ Face Temp Bans, Respawn Says

A neighborhood supervisor for Apex Legends yesterday recognized a brand new habit that may get you a temporary ban: Piggy-backing, which is mainly hanging around a squad of skilled gamers, doing nothing, and nonetheless gathering XP to stage up. It’s sparked a debate of how Apex Legends rewards XP within the first place. First, right here’s what piggy-backing is: “When a participant drafts off different gamers within the squad to hold them to a perfect place and degree up quicker however doesn’t really take part within the match [meaning they never collect a weapon, fire a shot, don’t deal any damage, etc.]”Respawn’s group supervisor stated the studio has examined telemetry from Apex Legends matches and decided that they’ll subject short-term bans “for gamers that exhibit piggy-backing conduct,” with everlasting bans doable for excessive circumstances.

Because it pertains to squadmates, piggy-backing appears to be one thing that goes on with or without others’ assist, so it’s not like they are often recognized or sanctioned as a booster or different cheat assister would. Some gamers have been fast to say Respawn falls effectively wanting different options that will both discourage piggybacking and even make it functionally unimaginable. For instance, piggy-backers now placed on discover will determine some minimal stage of participation to keep away from a ban. “Matches will nonetheless be ruined, and also you may need an opportunity to falsely temp ban gamers,” stated one.

They reasoned that gamers want to have the ability to report teammates for this form of conduct. Others went additional and stated that Apex Legends’ XP schedule rewards piggy-backing, which is why individuals do it. Some steered that decreasing the XP given for surviving whereas growing the XP awarded for a kill can be the first step. One other participant concurred, saying they get “3 times as many factors for the ineffectual, spray-and-pray harm I ship than the essential couple revives that hold our crew with two good weapons blazing.”A 3rd is famous that surviving for nine seconds rewards extra XP than a revive.

Nonetheless, others disagreed with lowering XP for survival, as surviving is the entire level of a battle royale and gamers ought to feel an incentive to play for the win reasonably than cost headlong right into a firefight, relying on revival specialists close by. One other participant stated they play, however, are so unskilled that their survival technique is equivalent to piggy-backing below the phrases described. “I suck at aiming, so my sole likelihood is to run around and survive, pot shotting guys so that different squads kill them for me,” they wrote. “That is the one approach I’ve gained — hey no less than I’m not dishonest, I simply can’t purpose and understand it.”And nonetheless, others say this dishonesty isn’t one thing they’ve seen of their matches or a minimum of had it meaningfully affect them.

Extra widespread and blatant types of dishonest are nonetheless issues, and a report might be abused by gamers who’re angry or upset at others on their crew. In any case, if all you do island and go to the floor, you’ll be on Respawn’s radar, whether or not there’s an automatic system flagging you or a human analyzing the conduct. The remainder of the publish offers with different points which have been identified (hit registration, tremendously slowed play/efficiency at the beginning of a match) which can be being labored on and addressed in forthcoming patches.

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